Handmade Wood Paper Towel Holder


Our hanging paper towel holder is handcrafted from Whitewood with Appalachian Hardwood dowel rods at the end. The entire paper towel holder is stained with a Dark Walnut stain and has a clear finish on top. This paper towel holder is a kitchen essential built to withstand daily use in a busy kitchen. Features a wood hinge built right into the paper towel holder, no metal is used. It also has an additional dowel rod that runs along the back to help lock the hinge in place and to hold your paper towels in place.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width / Height: 13 inches
Top Part w/ Hinge: 5.25 inches
Top and Bottom Inward: 4.5 inches
Dowel Rods: 2 inches

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There are no refunds or exchanges to this wood piece.

In some photos here of the Handmade Wood Paper Towel Holder the lighting has slightly changed the color of the wood stain.

Our Handmade Wood Paper Towel Holder can hold either a Single or Double roll of paper towels.

The paper towel holder has two pre-drilled holes in place for you to hang either horizontal or vertical. Also included are two 2 inch screws for hanging up the paper towel holder.

How To Use
Simply pull on the knob at the bottom to unlock the top hinge wood piece. Put your paper towels in and lock the top hinge wood piece in place. Once done, then just slide the first piece of paper towel through the space between the dowel rod and the back piece.