Welcome to JH Wood Creations! My name is Jonathan Hollins and I’m a beginner wood worker. I’ve always been a creative person, first starting out as an Artist. My painting and drawing style was considered to being Surrealistic. At one point drawing and painting wasn’t a challenge for me and wanted to do something new. So I taught myself Graphic Design, Web Design & Development. For almost 20 years I’ve designed Logos, Brochures, Flyers, etc… and built dozens of Websites for all sorts of businesses. And now I’ve started something new Wood Working.

I started wood working on a whim really by using cookie cutter shapes. I have several cookie cutters because I’ve worked with two companies between doing Graphic Design and / or Web Design and Development for them. So one day I took a couple of shapes, traced them out on a piece of wood, cut those shapes out just using a jigsaw and then hand sanded them. Turns out the first couple of shapes I made came out really well. From there I’ve made a couple of paper towel holders and I’m still continuing on in make other type of stuff that people could use.

When I create something out of wood, I do not have a lot of power tools to use; Most of it is done by hand. The only power tools I have to use is a handheld Drill and Jigsaw. I sand everything down by hand, which takes a lot out of me, but the end result is worth it.

Thank you for stopping by JH Wood Creations, and hope you end up finding something here you like. Wish me luck on my new adventure here as a Wood Worker.

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