Halloween Trick or Treat Wood Sign

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As I was working on a different Halloween wood sign, I came up with this idea of a “Trick or Treat” wood sign. I had some pieces of scrap wood laying around and took 3 pieces to combine them in making the top piece of the wood sign. Then I designed away to simply attach the wood sign to a holder I made where the holder has 3 dowel rod pegs so that the wood sign can slip onto the holder. Then by using my 3/4 inch drill bit I drilled a hole at the bottom (about 4 inches in depth) of the sign holder to fit a larger dowel rod as a pole. After that I made a base so the other end of the larger dowel rod can slip into that hole so that way the entire sign can stand up.

Without realizing it, the way of designing the sign holder part, base and the large dowel rod to keep it all together, I can design other signs for different holidays, making the hole thing interchangeable.

I do plan on taking this concept and creating a product for people to buy, the one I made here is basically a prototype. I do know that this type of product would be a “Made To Order” item, but as to how customers to go about buying it, I haven’t decided on that yet. One idea is making it to where their is a set price for the Sign Holder part, the Poles, and the Base and then where you can choose as to how many signs you would like to have made for the stand where each actual sign has a set price as well.

The other thing is that this Wood Sign would come with a short pole where you can use it as a Table Display and a longer pole as an Outside Porch Sign. The entire wood sign will have a clear waterproof coat so that it can be used either inside or outside.

This Trick or Treat” Wood Sign would be one of the options to buy. The wood sign itself is stained in Red Medium Tone & Red Dark stain, and the wording is free-handed painted in black acrylic paint. On the top right corner of the sign features a Bat that is stained in Dark Walnut. The sign holder, poles and base are stained in Dark Walnut.

Halloween Trick or Treat Wood Sign – Table Display

Halloween Trick or Treat Wood Sign – Outside Porch Display