Custom Doll Wood Chair

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Last month someone on facebook contacted me about building them a custom wood chair for their porcelain doll. The person sent me a rough sketch with approximate dimensions for the chair to be built. Now seeing that I am new to wood working and never made a chair before, the person understood that part witch was nice, but over the entire chair came out really nice. It took me about 2 weeks to build and then a couple days to stain, paint and to clear coat the chair.

I also asked for pictures of their doll to see what it looked like, and I suggested to them what about going with having the chair look old. Their doll has a bit of a vintage look to it, so having the chair look old made it all tie into together nicely.

I first stained the chair with a dark walnut stain, waited a little bit then painted the entire thing with white acrylic paint. Once the paint dried, I then started to scrape away the paint first using a razor blade but wasn’t working out to well so I switched over to using a flat head screw driver, which worked out fine, but was taking off a bit too much. So then I decided to try using a piece of sand paper and that worked out really well. Using the sand paper allowed me to remove the paint and keep the stain more which helped give it that warn weathered look I was going for.

The chair came out great looking and the person was very happy with out it turned out. Now their doll has a nice weathered warn chair to sit on. I also had a lot of fun making this chair and wouldn’t mind making another one for someone else at some point.